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Vinyl, LP, Album. TZELTAL TALES. These stories are part of the oral tradition that is still valid in many of the country's indigenous communities, despite the fact that day by

Vinyl, LP, Album. NAHUA TALES. The tale, undoubtedly after the ritual and propitiatory poem, is one of the oldest forms of language products. Probably to introduce role models, the guides

Vinyl, LP, Album. INTERETHNIC TRADITIONAL SONGS. In all cultures, singing has been one of the first manifestations of ritual poetry, of the propitiatory rhythm that arose from the first priests

Vinyl, LP, Album. THE PENINSULAR MAYAS. The musical education of the ancient Maya was very important, as they had a "community house" or Popol-na, which was the place where the

Vinyl, LP, Album. DOCUMENTS. It is an important album due to the works and the performers; because it offers a minimal, but representative trajectory of his work; and for the


Mexican Rarities is an archive, a label & a music distribution platform found in different layers of the mexican subsoil.

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