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Mexican Rarities is an archive, label & music distribution platform found in different layers of the Mexican subsoil.

Editions & Re-editions


At Mexican Rarities we think of sound as a valuable material that is important to preserve. We release first editions of sounds that captivate our ears, and we reissue the music of Mexican artists who were hidden in the folds of time.

Everything in Mexico is weird, confusing, and in a way fascinating. The music here fights over a muddy and bloody territory with the purpose of finally finding itself, of finding its identity in the hall of mirrors that is our culture. In Mexico there is no “other music”, here the music is one and Mexican Rarities documents it not to understand it better, but to enjoy its splendor.

José Ángel Balmori Writer

Mexican Rarities is not just a label. It is a project that involves well-selected historical memory. It covers a musical publication space that Mexico did not have before, and one that was badly needed.

Daniel Castrejón Designer, Umor Rex

Mexico has many stories that go hand in hand with the history of its music. Rescuing, cataloging and re-releasing important records of its compositions is an extremely important task. The dissemination of these recordings shows us a side of musical history not so well-known, but one that deserves to be heard by ears all over the world.

Pablo Dodero Musician

Promising collection that resumes relations with Mexico’s national history of culture, music and talent, at the same time building a timely and essential bridge towards the sonic aesthetics that circulate around the world today.

Guillermo Santamarina Artist, Curator
Popular items


In the constant search for new sounds sometimes we come across objects that must be shared with others. In our store, we present the best selection of these encounters.

We offer worldwide shipping We offer worldwide shipping We offer worldwide shipping We offer worldwide shipping We offer worldwide shipping We offer worldwide shipping

Rodrigo Martínez Torres - ONDA TROPICAL

Diles que no me maten - Obrigaggi (por Raíz ®)

Unboxing – Gibrana Cervantes – ¿Cómo Pasamos la Eternidad?

Gibrana Cervantes - Fuera de nada

Nicolas - Nostalgia (LIVE 2020 CZMX)

Reviews, Essays and other texts


Reviews, Essays and other texts are part of the expanding critical archive of Mexican Rarities. You can find written material about our collection; on the history of music recorded in Mexico, interviews, and more.

  • ¿What do we talk about when we talk about México? ¿How do we classify weirdness? ¿Is there such thing as something mexican or are we just in front of a political and power construct? This text is an introduction to Mexican Rarities as well as a critical approach to two concepts that gives form to the project: the rare and the mexican.

Hidden Sounds: Unravel the Musical Subversion of Mexico


Our event section invites you to delve into a unique experience where the conventional fades away and the peculiar comes to life.

  • MR.E.005 Mexican Rarities 27.05.23 19:00 HRS GRAVE/MAL ECHA CUERVOS EDITH FLORES MUNIR TORAL DJ DELPHIS OVEJA #0 GLIA Sur 73 #440 Del. Iztapalapa Limited space, PRESALE $100 - IN THE PLACE $150


Mexican Rarities is an archive, a label & a music distribution platform found in different layers of the mexican subsoil.

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